Celltron is a leader in manufacturing high reliability wiring products with high quality and close tolerance configurations for the aerospace, defense and commercial industries. 

We are a proven source of “design to specification” and “build to print” wiring harnesses ranging from discrete wiring to very complex, high density assemblies with multiple breakouts and specific shielding requirements.


We possess the following manufacturing capabilities:

  • Multiple break-out wiring harnesses (molded, non-molded and shrink materials)
  • EMI shielded assemblies
  • Molded ribbon cable assemblies (static applications)
  • High flexure ribbon cable assemblies (dynamic applications)
  • Organized wiring assemblies
  • Braided assemblies (tinned copper, nylon, dacron, nomex)
  • Coil cord assemblies
  • Planetary cabling
  • Discrete wiring
  • Flexible coaxial cables
  • Panel assemblies
  • Electro-mechanical sub-assemblies
  • UV Laser Marking
  • UID
  • ESD Manufacturing
  • Class 100,000 Clean Room Manufacturing
  • Nitrogen/Helium Leak Test
  • Thermal Chamber Testing

Our experienced engineering team is comprised of mechanical and electrical engineers specializing in contract manufacturing services such as:

  • Product enhancement
  • Cost reduction
  • Prototyping
  • 3D modeling services including:

    Creation and upgrade of 3D objects from Auto Cad, Solid Works or Pro-E files
    Creation and upgrade of specific target models
    Creation of tooling drawings for machine shop processes


Celltron's engineers have significant experience in providing design support and product enhancement ideas.

Celltron is an OEM for Vapour Systems, a chemical distribution system used in the semiconductor industry